Young Positions and Critical Curators


Throughout the past 12 months, we have presented a handpicked selection of some of the most exciting art books out there. To finish off the year, we decided to peak into the world of art magazines, which is just as diverse and multi-facetted with exciting new publications constantly appearing on the market. The following two publications clearly show that print is far off from being dead.


The German magazine KubaParis is a newbie on the market. With its first issue that was launched in November, this printed publication focuses on the young art, culture and music scene. The team behind KubaParis, which ist going to be published twice a year, critically engages with the notion of beauty ideals, identity and aesthetics and has created a magazine for artists and art lovers alike. In selected articles, portraits and interviews, KubaParis reports on the work and lives of various cultural producers. And by focusing solely on young positions within the cultural industry, the magazine also intends to be a platform for a new generation.

The Exhibitionist

On the Blog we have repeatedly reported on the ambiguous role of the curator. On the one hand the curator is a vital middleman between public and private institutions and on the other hand a questionable middleman between the artist and the public. In any way, the professional role of the curator is divers and controversial - and it is this field of tension that the magazine The Exhibitionist addresses. The Exhibitionist, which was established in 2009 and is released three times a year, can be described as a journal for curators, by curators. As the title implies, the publication focuses on the importance of exhibitions from a critical and historical perspective, putting the profession of curators under the microscope. In a number of editorial formats, curatorial practice is analyzed by editors who have really made their mark in the art world.

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