Would You Like Cream With That?


It is October and the days are getting shorter. The perfect season of the year to get comfortable on the couch with a good book. Besides the classic Janson’s History of Art, we would like to recommend the following books to get, not only those future art historians out there, but everyone, interested in what is happening with art right now!

Creamier: Contemporary Art in Culture by the Editors of Phaidon

After Cream, Fresh Cream, Cream 3 and Ice Cream, Phaidon took it to an even "creamier" level in 2010. Under the nameCreamier: Contemporary Art in Culture, the publishing house released the 5th and till now last addition to their well-knownCream series.

Similar to its predecessors, Creamier brings together ten established and renown curators, who were asked to select 100 emerging and important contemporary artists. Each artist is presented by a spreadsheet including a text written by the curators and full-color images showing their most recent works. Additionally, the publication features curator dialogues on interesting topics e.g how the recession has impacted the market and artist creativity, as well as exclusive insights into the dynamics of the art world.

In a way, this publication can be seen as a guide through the ever-expanding international art scene of gallery shows, museum exhibitions, biennials, and fairs. The book comes in handy for art collectors as well as for art lovers in general. In regard to the earlier publications, it has also been shown that the Cream variations have coined the next talked-about and hyped artist generation.

The Art of Tomorrow by Yilmaz Dziewior, Laura Hoptman and Uta Grosenick 

The Art of Tomorrow can be seen as publisher’s Distanz’s version of what Phaidon termed as their Cream series. The publication depicts an international selection of seventy-seven young and emerging artists, with four pages dedicated to each of them.
The book introduces these upcoming new talents through individual portraits, including critical texts, images of their artistic practise and biographical data. Additionally, the book includes web links to the home pages of the artists and their galleries, so the reader can find additional information about them.

The artists were selected by three art world insiders: Laura Hoptman, a curator in the department of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; Yilmaz Dziewior, the director of the Kunsthaus Bregenz and a member of the acquisitions committee of the collection of contemporary art in Germany and Uta Grosenick, who has edited numerous anthologies on contemporary art. With its clear layout and futuristic design, that mirrors the visionary content, The Art of Tomorrow can be seen as an enriching addition to every art lovers book collection and as an inspiring work for all creative industries.

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