To Remove is to Destroy


When the "Tilted Arc" by Richard Serra, a 120-foot, steel sculpture, was scheduled to be relocated the artist said: "It is a site-specific work and as such not to be relocated. To remove the work is to destroy the work." Generally site-specific works cannot be moved as they are intrinsically linked to their space, they can´t travel to museums or private exhibition spaces around the world. Books are the perfect solution so that everyone can enjoy these works. We recommend the following two books to help you discover and understand site-specific art work.

Art & Place – Site-specific Art of the Americas by the Editors of Phaidon

This book is a comprehensive collection of outstanding art destinations in the Americas, featuring hundreds of art works all created specifically for their location. Art & Place claims to be the only book to compile all of the best of site-specific art work of North, Central and South America. The works are presented geographically instead of chronologically allowing for unexpected juxtapositions and comparisons to occur. Carvings, paintings, murals, frescos, earthworks and land art are all included, giving a complete overview of site-specific art in the Americas.

One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity by Miwon Kwon

For the more academically minded of us we recommend Miwon Kwon’s critical history of site-specific art since the late 1960s. The author places extra emphasis on the social facet of site-specific art and reveals the theoretical complexity of site-specificity by analyzing concrete examples of its application. The works of several well-known artists are addressed, among others, Donald Judd, Richard Serra or Robert Smithson.

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