The Secret World of Collecting


How do you become a collector? What does being an art collector entail? What does a collectors house look like? For our final library post of the year, we look at two new books that dive into the often intensely private world of the art collector. With one giving insider tips from a prominent collector, the other opens the door to the private homes of the collector, offering a glimpse into a section of the art world that the public rarely sees. 

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have – Inside the World of the Art Collector By Tiqui Atencio, Art / Books

Collecting since she was just eighteen years old, Tiqui Atencio has long established herself as a distinguished collector of Latin American, modern and contemporary art, and has now made a name for herself as the author of the new book For Could Have, Should Have, Would Have – Inside the World of the Art Collector. Speaking with 80 influential and notoriously private collectors from around the world, Atencio gained unparalleled insight into the mind of someone who collects art. Offering a frank and honest first-hand account of a world that is usually strictly confidential, Atencio speaks with major names like Eli Broad, Peter Brant, Stefan Edlis, Adam Lindemann and Anita Zabludowicz to ask all of the questions you wish you could answer, but never could. The publication also includes illustrations by artist Pablo Helguera.

It's Mine – A Tribute To Art Collectors, Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing

Have you ever wanted to see inside a collectors home? To ask questions surrounding the desire to own art, the artist-collector relationship and what it’s like to live with art on a daily basis? Well if so, this is the book for you! It's Mine – A Tribute To Art Collectors is a attention grabbing 320 page book that portrays 33 Swedish and international art collectors and artists who have dedicated much of their lives to owning and creating art, supported with intimate interviews accompanied by personal portraits taken specifically for the publication. It's Mine – A Tribute To Art Collectors enables the reader to step into the private realm of the collector and see the impact contemporary art has on their daily lives in an honest and refreshing way that casts a light on the stereotype of “the collector”  as well as putting the spotlight on the new generation of collectors shaping the art world. 

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