UU – No Ocean by Timothy George Kelly, Doppell Edition

The Artist as a Music Producer


When contemporary art goes beyond the realm of the visual, viewers are truly taken on a journey of the senses. To create a sensual all-round experience, contemporary artists often take up the role of music producers, exploring soundscapes that complement their visual expression. The following two publications are documentations of works by two artists bringing together sound and vision in an exceptional manner.

UU – No Ocean by Timothy George Kelly, Doppell Edition

This soft cover artist booklet documents paintings and photographs by Timothy George Kelly that were created and appropriated by the artist. Within his black and white printed content, Kelly deals with a lovesick, long-distance misfortune. In addition to the visual works, readers will also discover a CD at the back of the publication with nine self-composed electronic music tracks. For the recent launch of the booklet in a multi story car park in London’s district Peckham, the artist also produced a live video experience, adding another layer of artistic expression to the piece.

This book brings together the works by artist and musician Carsten Nicolai, who operates within and between the fields of art, architecture and music. The publication documents Nicolai’s exhibition syn-chron on photographs, texts and on an additional DVD. At the heart of the exhibition stands an architectural construct that serves as a medium for acoustic and optic happenings, created by Werner Sobek. Nicolai plays with this construction by producing electronic music that generates light modulations that are projected by releasing laser beams. In this way the artist combines architecture, visual and audio art to a full 3D experience for viewers.

syn-chron by Carsten Nicolai, gestalten
UU – No Ocean by Timothy George Kelly, Doppell Edition

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