Sharks and Bunnies in the Art World


Numerous studies show that studying the arts can help children to see and interpret society from different perspectives. It strengthens their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and plays an important role in the development of their language. But it is of course also fun to explore and explain the world with the help of an observant rabbit or a pickled shark! We have selected two books especially for children to help you incorporate a little art into the daily life of your little one.

Miffy at the Gallery by Dick Bruna

This classic picture book is the perfect introduction to the world of galleries and museums courtesy of a little white bunny. Miffy explores a modern art gallery together with Mother Bunny and Father Bunny. There she becomes acquainted with sculpture, painting and collage. So impressed by the Mondrian and Calder inspired works Miffy contemplates becoming an artist herself, proving that it is never too soon to bring a child to a museum.

Damien Hirst: ABC by Damien Hirst

The classic ABC book you had as a child probably did not feature a diamond encrusted skull to represent the letter D for Diamond or a Kaleidoscope for the K. But this is the world of Damien Hirst - one of the best known artists of the 21th century - where a J means Jaws and stands for the pickled shark, probably his most prominent artwork. This large-format book spans the entirety of Damien Hirst’s work and will certainly leave an impression on both parents as well as children.

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