Lost & Found


In the first "Library" post of 2017, we take a look at two books that investigate into the hidden secrets of the art world. Have you ever wondered how an artwork gets "misplaced", or what goes on behind the closed doors of an international museum, or what about the little secrets an artist has about an artwork? If you've spent time pondering the questions surrounding the art world, we have two books that should help to clear things up for you.

100 Secrets of the Art World. Edited by Thomas Girst, Magnus Resch. Published by Koenig Books.

Ever wanted to know the secrets of the art world? The hidden stories of an artist or the insider knowledge of the art market players? Now is your chance. In 100 Secrets of the Art World, Magnus Resch and Thomas Girst have teamed up to bring a handy little guide that is packed full of insights into the secretive world of the art scene. Speaking with artists, museum directors, collectors, gallerists and many more art insiders, 100 Secrets of the Art World contains anecdotes, advice and personal stories from Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Klaus Biesenbach and Marina Abramovic to name just a few. This book is a must for anyone looking to expand  their knowledge of the inner-workings of the art world. 

Lost Art: Missing Artworks of the Twentieth Century. By Jennifer Munday. Published by Tate Publishing.

Where 100 Secrets of the Art World looks to discover the hidden stories behind the art world, Lost Art: Missing Artworks of the Twentieth Century investigates into the fate of the many works that have disappeared into thin air. War, theft, natural catastrophe’s and general carelessness all play a role in how and why important works have vanished over the last century, but Lost Art: Missing Artworks of the Twentieth Century goes one step further in uncovering the reasons why. Grouped into ten section, the book works with forty individual case studies that look at how works of art have gotten lost, with art by Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró and Christo and Jeanne-Claude to name a few. Whilst we do recommend this book for all the inquisitive art lovers out there, we must warn you that after learning how and why these important works of art have been lost forever, you may never want to throw away anything ever again.

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