Let There Be Light


Extraordinary Ideas – Realized by James Turrell, Hatje Cantz

Spanning a career of over fifty years, light and space artist James Turrell has been challenging how the viewer interacts with art and the individual perceptions formed from the experience. Flooding rooms full of light, which have been described as “gentle seas of color an intensley glowing fog”, Turrell’s work is able to transform traditional art spaces until places of tranquility and reflection – a paradox of the often chaotic and fast-paced nature of the art world.

Published for Turrell’s exhibition at the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, Germany, Extraordinary Ideas – Realized is a comprehensive overview of the artist’s career, featuring major works from the various phases of his five-decade-long career from the 1960s until present day. What’s impressive, even surprising, about this beautiful publication is how the artworks in print form are still able radiate the silence and stillness of the works as they do in real-life – as if the photos are indeed sucking you into this dreamlike place. Inspired by an early memory of his grandmother, a Quaker, inviting him to “go inside and greet the light” at Quaker meetings, this book invites you to turn the page and dive into the light. 

"My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing." – James Turrell

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