Books & Bunkers


In this Library post we take two publications that look at the different ways artists and collectors get their work in front of the public, but in completely opposing ways. One focuses on the craft of the artist book and the power behind the medium, whilst the other looks at how to showcase a private collection to the public in the cold and harsh concrete surroundings of a world war two bunker. Featuring publications from Phaidon and Gestalten.

Artists Who Make Books, Phaidon

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you, Artists Who Make Books is a stunning and important record of 32 internationally acclaimed artists who produce books as part of their creative practice. Living in a time where the digital universe rules, this new publication from Phaidon celebrates the book making practice and the power of this chosen medium. Featuring an array of books, many of which rarely or never-before seen, from each artist, the hardback book includes over 500 illustrations of covers and interior spreads, as well as interviews with many of the artists included, such as Tauba Auerbach, Paul Chan, and Walther König and in-depth essays from Benjamin H. D. Buchloh and Lynda Morris. Pre-order your copy here.

Boros Collection / Bunker Berlin #3, Gestalten

Take a piece of a Berlin bunker home with you! What better way to celebrate the Boros Collection’s third presentation in a former Berlin Reichsbahn bunker, than by showcasing recently acquired works in dialogue with pieces from the 1990s and 2000s in a new book that forever captures the works and their surroundings. Now nine years on from its inaugural exhibition, Berlin’s Boros Collection is one of the city’s must-see attractions, with over a whopping 300 000 people visiting the collection since its opening. In addition to the installation views, the Boros Collection / Bunker Berlin #3 documents Christian and Karen Boros’s collection of contemporary art as well as offering an introduction to the works on display.

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