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A first look at the second volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

The second edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors was released last week! It was only a little over a year ago that the first Art Guide was published, but few things change as quickly as the contemporary art scene. Since the publication, numerous new private collections have opened their doors to the public. We found that, especially in Berlin, several private collections have agreed to open their doors just to readers of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. An example would be the private collection of Joëlle and Eric Romba, which is exhibited in their private residence in Berlin-Nikolassee, or Giovanni Springmeier, who lives with his collection on an apartment floor in Berlin-Moabit. Their addresses - and many more around the world - you won’t find in any other guide.

49 new and exciting collections were added bringing the total to 217 private yet publicly accessible collections worldwide. We discovered a number of collections in six countries previously not represented in the Art Guide. Gibbs Farm, for instance, can be found on the shore of New Zealand. In Bangladesh our authors came across the Samdani Collection and in Sweden we stumbled upon a sculpture park called the Wanås Foundation. Photography takes center stage in Israel at the SIP Shpilman Institute of Photography. Back in Scandinavia, Norway presented us with three exciting additions, namely the Rolf A. Hoff Collection, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and the recently finished Astrup Fearnley Museum. Another significant contribution was found in Singapore with the aptly named The Private Museum where the collection of Daniel Teo is displayed.

The texts accompanying the featured collections are supplemented with concise texts from our authors, which we call "Shorties". The Shorties deal with various topics surrounding collecting and most significantly a special Shorty-series on art-metropolises has been added. In these we had a closer look at the art scene in seven cities around the world: Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Beijing. These texts provide you with an overview of where to find the most interesting cultural centers, galleries and bookstores in these particular cultural urban centers. This way, you are fully prepared for your next trip abroad and will know where to go for a whiff of local culture.

But you will be able to see, read and leaf through the second volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors yourself from now onwards. The Art Guide is available for sale in major bookstores around the world and online.

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