Fresh off the Press - The Third Edition

A first look at the third edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

We have some exciting news for you today: The third volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors is now available in bookstores. Our research, hand selected images, new Shorties – and of course the entries on 236 private collections – have all come together in this recent publication.

Once again, our team has scoured the globe to add a host of new locations, where art is presented in the most diverse and interesting settings. Entries from the past two editions of this guide have also been updated in the new guide. The 236 collections featured throughout are comprised solely of sites where privately owned art, normally hidden behind closed doors, have been made accessible to the public. In its recent edition, the guide has once again expanded the diversity of its offerings, exemplified by several cities represented here for the first time: Hong Kong, Cape Town, Marseille, and Siena, amongst others. From cosmopolitan Beijing to the small German town of Überlingen, this volume offers readers a full spectrum of the contemporary art world – from its bustling metropolises to its tranquil provinces. 

The layout and design of the book has for the most part stayed the same. Nevertheless, we managed to thoughtfully select striking new image material to illustrate the texts as well as changing the cover caption from a blue to a fresh orange color – indicating that the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors has really become an ongoing and evolving project. 

From today you will be able to pick up, read and leaf through the third volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. Enjoy learning more about art in 236 collections found in 167 locations worldwide. 

You can buy a copy of the guide directly via Hatje Cantz or Amazon.

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