Fresh Off the Press - The second edition

A first look at the new BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

We have some exciting news for you today: The second volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors can almost be found in well-assorted bookstores and with the publication date coming closer we want to lift the veil even higher than we have done before.

We are happy to tell you that our researchselected images, new Shorties - and of course the entries on 217 private collections - have all come together and the second volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors has been printed recently.

So, let’s talk about the printing process. Just last week, we received the blueprint, also called "bound proof", which is a single printed out and bound version of the book. After another rigorous reading the amended blueprint was sent to our publisher Hatje Cantz which forwarded it to the printers. During printing, the colors were checked for authenticity. Several pages of the book were printed on one big sheet of paper which was later cut and bound to create the final product: the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors.

The essence of the Art Guide has been kept intact, but you will be able to find that some slight changes have been made to the appearance of the book. Maybe the biggest difference can be found on the cover. The "to-the-point" design is inspired by Microsoft Word and the caption is highlighted, just like in a standard word.doc. For the additions and changes inside the book, you will have to wait till our next "Behind the scenes"-post.

Now we play the waiting game till we have the physical book in our hands, which will be released on September 13, 2013.

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